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Increase your harvest gently

 Individual development of microbiological fertilizer for all species


What we do

Make anlises and develop particular fertiliser

We develop individual microbiological fertilizer on base of nitrogen-fixing bacteria.  We do an individual analysis of the soil and develope the most effective agent. 

Produce fertilisers

We produce fertilizer in our modern laboratore, equpped at 2017. We ensure strict control of production and guarantee the product quality.  The fertilizer is delivered in a sealed container, protected from temperature extremes.

We analyze the results and offer improved fertilizer

Our priority - long-term cooperation with the continuous improvement of the product.

efficiency & Productivity


  • Increases productivity up to 50%
  • Increases general and productive tillering up to 47%
  • Accelerates plant growth by promoting the active rise of the vegetative mass
  • increases the length of the main spike
  • increases the number and total weight of the grains of the main ear
  • Provides weight gain of 1000 grains up to 12%
  • Increase in protein content up to 22% and gluten up to 29%


  • Individually desined fertilizer based on soil analysis
  • Compatible with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers in tank mixtures
  • Able to be stored without loss of quality up to three months
  • Not affected by temperature fluctuations, product is supplied in containers protected from temperature changes
  • Low consumption: 1 liter of fertilizer sufficient for processing 6 tons of dry wheat seeds

Recent tests have shown an increase in wheat yield of 50%

Five steps to smart fertiliser

Five simple steps to obtain an effective individual fertilizer

Step 1 Get advice and to place an order by phone, e-mail or feedback form

Step 2 Pay through invoice for order or do not pay for sample  

Step 3 Get from carrier company a container for soil sample and an envelope to send back

Step 4 Send a soil sample by courier

Step 5 Recive individually designed fertilizer

...and we will help you to path the way


We offer


Experts do soil analysis. Microbiologists develop individual modification of fertilizer based on the analysis. So we provide maximum effect of fertilizer. We sheep the fertilizer in a sealed canister placed in a container that protect fertilizer from temperature fluctuations. 

Canister volume – 1 liter. This volume is sufficient for processing 6 tons of dry wheat seeds that are enough for 24 hectares.Keep fertilizers in a closed form an be shure of quality for three months. Open container can also be stored up to three months in refrigerator. 

Our priority – long-term cooperation. So, we offer discount for next purchase of fertilizer for the same field and plant. At the same time we will improve the fertilizer due to achieved results. Our clients are our partners in improvement the product.


We are pleased to tell all about our fertilizers

Call, write a letter or make a call and we will call you back

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